The Rink.  (58m, USA) Directed by:  Ron ‘G. Wiz” Butts
Africa World Documentary Film Festival 2018 - South Africa
Showing in: Cape Town (Stellenbosch) South Africa: April 30  &  May 2

The tradition of roller-skating is an African American legacy in the bi-state region of St. Louis, Mo and East St. Louis, IL that spans over fifty years.  From roller skating in church basements, to couples gliding around the rink, or from wearing key fitted metal skates to roller-blading in the park, skating is as significant to African Americans as ice-skating is to other cultures.  The Rink is a documentary that honors the legends that helped popularize the activity, and captures the style, skills, and charisma of the skaters who kept their \"crazy legs\", feet, and wheels rolling around the cities.  Today, there are over 250 urban roller skating clubs in the USA, with thousands of members traveling city-to-city sharing the culture and passion of rolling.  These St. Louis and East St. Louis Skaters, representing their signature styles, put the two-state areas on the map to let you know why the mid-west is the best.

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