"Hush Groove" events
Zhe-Ro Productions brings you, Missouri's first privately owned and operated quiet / silent headphone company.
The Hush Groove Experience: Have an amazing party or event anywhere, anytime without disturbing anyone! Hush Groove caters to both public and private needs. We host silent events which you can attend and we also rent the headphones so you can create your own silent events. The headphones can be used not only for parties but at corporate multi-language events that require translation, outdoor movies, reunions, backyard parties, and even wedding receptions. You can switch up to 3 different channels choosing which DJ you want to listen to by the simple flip of a switch on your headphones. You also have control of your headphone volume. Colored LED lights (red, green or blue) let’s you know what your friends are listening to. At check in, you will submit a legal I.D. upon receiving wireless headphones to be used at the event. The music, is transmitted wirelessly to our 3-channel silent headphones.No more shouting, to talk to a friend or shout at the bartender to order a drink, just slide the headphones off at any time and speak normal. No more noise constraint issues and peace disturbance calls. Whether your event requires up to 200 headphones or as few as 50 guests, we have you covered.
*All equipment is clean and sanitized before and after use.*